I was playing this last night and you need to hear this...

#1oldschoolgMNPosted 2/16/2010 3:30:55 PM
This game still rocks...now I know the graphics are a little dated and I wish more people were online...but this game has some of the best maps that have ever....yeah I said ever...have been in a game. I own over 50 xbox 360 games and have been on xbox live for 7 years....and it never fails...every time I go on a bridge too far...I freakin have a blast...and the rest of the maps are great too.
I wish Bad Company was better but it's not, Modern Combat kicks that game right where it counts.
Yes I wish it had bots so the online doesn't tank and me and my friends could always find a game, and play this together co-op or something, but maybe in Bad Company 2 they can follow GRAW 2's steps and come in with some retro map downloads from past battlefield games. I did play the demo and it seems to be alot more like modern combat than bad company 1. Yes they brought the parachute back and the maps are supposed to be giant like those in this kick ass game.

The maps are way better balanced for conquest, the vehicle easier to drive, the parachute rocks, landmines don't disappear when you die, the smoke grenades help, and amongst a ton of other things it is just a great play.

Save your money gamers and pick this up...It is a classic! KEEP IT ALIVE BROTHAS AND SISTAS!
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NOW ALTHOUGH I WROTE THIS SAME NOTE FOR THE XBOX 360 version, it stays true with the regular xbox version too....except for the fact that the regular xbox is closing down its servers in april...so stick with the 360 version! The only reason xbox should keep it's old server on would be for this and halo 2...but it won't, so stay far away...the single player game won't keep you interested long enough...it's all about the online...c ya on the 360!
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or ps2...go there too ;)