Petition to Stop Microsoft from deactivating Original Xbox live and games!

#1bobbyh15Posted 2/18/2010 2:18:57 PM
Just recently around February 5th, 2010, Microsoft announced they would be deactivating Xbox Live on the original xbox, included that original xbox live games also can NOT be played on the Xbox 360. The shut down is ready for April 15th 2010.

This is extremely corrupt and terrible to others around the world who only have enough money for just an original Xbox, with that they may not have the money to afford an Xbox 360. Something must be done.

We, the people who sign this petition, will request Microsoft NOT to shut down Original Xbox live and keep it up and running for ages to come.
#2cornerback3Posted 2/24/2010 5:50:29 PM
I personally don't own an xbox but I do own a PS2 and I know what it feels like to have game's server support shut down. I support this, I just don't know if a selfish money-making corporation like Microsoft will listen. Worth a try though.