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Things to do with Rupees

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User Info: mushroomtoad7

8 years ago#1
So i have bought the magic armor, and completed the priest donations for a piece of heart....both of which take several rupees(if you include the malo mart side quest). I have purchased every item i needed in malo mart too(hylian sheild, hawkeye)

Yet i still have several rupees left over. So what am i supposed to do with them? Any ideas? There really is not a lot of things to spend money on...

User Info: flame_master14

8 years ago#2
Uh...I really think you should know the answer if you have the magic armor. The Medicine and arrows/bombs cost money too, ya know.
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User Info: Hotel_Security

8 years ago#3
You need 300 rupees for something plot-related later on in the game but that's about it. Other than using the Magic Armor, I don't see why they throw so much cash at you.


User Info: kingnahum17

8 years ago#4
If you get all the Golden Bugs, you get a "Giant Wallet" (holds 1000)

- first bug = wallet (holds 600)
- each single bug = 50 ruppes
- each pair of bugs = 100 rupees

total # of bugs = 24

Point being that you will get alot more rupees later on. I just spent all of my ruppes refilling my itemss instead of finding them.

User Info: Polaricey123

8 years ago#5
Usually i would save up some money in case of dire emergencies like after a battle with Zant i'd spend a little cash on recovering items. That dungeon is huge and most likely would use up a lot of your items. Anyway, I would stock up on anything i would need for the final battle. You never know what you would need.

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