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i cant find 20 cats.....

#1rockstar_southPosted 3/13/2010 1:23:11 PM
i always get 19!!!

Please help. Any good stretagies or guides that list each one?
#2SonicRecordsPosted 3/13/2010 2:17:28 PM
There should be some vids on youtube.
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#3TTFPosted 3/13/2010 4:21:31 PM
Location of cats starting from the entrance to the Hidden VIllage:

1. Atop the north stack of wooden crates (target with Z to talk to)
2 & 3. In the street near of the crates.
4. In the street between the two northern-most buildings
5. Inside on the second floor of the northwestern-most building
6. Outside of the second floor of the same building
7. Outside the second floor of the northeastern-most building (use Clawshot to reach)
8. On the east building's outside balcony
9. In the east alley
10. In the alley between the western and northwestern buildings
11 & 12. Inside the west building, first floor
13. In the west building, second floor
14. West building, outside balcony
15. In the street between the east and west buildings
16. In the lot south of the west building
17. South end of the village, near Impaz's house
18. In the southernmost nook
19. Southeastern building, in the barrels (smash to uncover)
20. Southeastern building, second floor balcony (smash through the window by jumping from the eastern building to reach)
#4TTFPosted 3/14/2010 12:32:51 AM
Oh, north is near the entrance, south is toward's Impaz's house, just to clear that up ;)