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Read this before posting for all story and DVD/UMD questions (Spoilers aplenty)
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Ryu_Kaze1256/20 11:21AM
This movie isa_marth_user25/23/2015
So, it comes down to this...
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How was your experience with this game?NutOfDeath15/4/2014
Anybody here know about the Ivy song "Sonata of Temptation" ripping off AC?slk_2319/28/2013
I can't believe I just noticed that the FFVII: AC logo is Midgar, not Meteor...slk_2317/6/2013
I've heard editing characters' lips in the dub would mean editing the whole filmslk_2316/8/2013
FFVII AC/C and the supposed PS4TJF58821/26/2012
I declare this board minehappypor100pre34/20/2011
Game Or MovieFennyariel23/1/2011
This series music inspired my creativity in Warioware D.I.Y. (Video!)acidflesh509011/25/2011
Who did Yuffie's voice better?VincentSquall312/27/2010
Cur veniam petimus?Alesandros111/8/2010
What's the "Legacy of FINAL FANTASY VII"Anagura48/9/2010
I'm new to making my own video's for you tube and...KadajStrife16/28/2010
Portal 2 Teaser: "How have you been?"TJF58816/17/2010
how are the graphics?ichigohollowX35/17/2010
I hate James Cameron for stealing credit away from Advent Children !!nuffsaid0714/18/2010
your thought when seeing complete version (might contain spoiler)hitoshurabattou24/17/2010
I Did My Girlfriend While She Was Dressed As Tifa
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