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7 years ago#1
In the past I had a topic on moving, where I incorrectly stated that when you moved, you lost the things in your save letter space in the post office. That is WRONG. Everything in your save area of the post office goes with you. I apologize if I messes anyone up, or caused them extra work.
7 years ago#2
What all do you have to do in order to move to a new town, She???
jean hOtel fc=064642068915
7 years ago#3
You asked the right person, as I have just moved four of us to a new town, because I liked the setup better.

First of all, you have to have a place to "move" to, and not more than four people already there.

This is what I did:

I bought a lot of stationary from Nook, and wrote letters to everyone. Then I emptied my dresser drawers, and anything I wanted to take with me I attached to one of the letters I had writted to someone else. Then, I went to the post office, and put them in my save letter place. Don't mail them.
You will have room for 75 of these letters.

I attached everything from my dresser to the letters that I was bringing, and anything special -- feathers, music box, piggy bank, Nooks buildings -- you know what I mean, the stuff you had to "work" for. After I had the important stuff attached and saved at the post office, I took more letters, and took other things with me, attaching them to the letters - mostly flowers.

You bell account automatically transfers with you. You friend code section automatically transfers with you. And of course, your post office save letters transfer with you. Your catalog at Nooks transfers with you. Your museum donations do not transfer with you. If there are any designs you have displayed at Ables, be sure you have them copied in the red area, think it's a camera or something, on top.

So, after you are packed, you need to have your other DS/with game card that has the town you are moving to turned on. Right at the start where it says "continue", it also says something like "other things". Click that. Then it will give you options. Choose "immigration", and then follow the instructions.

At the same time, take the person you are moving to the post office and talk to Pelly on the left side. From the options choose "moving", and she will talk you through it. When she gets to a certain point, she will say something like "looking for a town that you will move to", your other DS will say something like "looking for someone to move in".

And then, Pelly gives this talk about how if you ever want to come back ------ and then the taxi pulls up in from of the Post Office, and you get in and go to your new town. That game will go into a save. The DS with the game that has the town you are moving to will show the taxi pulling up in front of the new Post Office, and you will then be there.

The absolutely best news is that after you talk to Pelly at the new Post Office, you need to go in your new home, and then come out. Nook will be there, but, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORK FOR HIM. He just welcomes you to the new town.

I've moved four of us out in two days, --- lots of stationary,but, I have everything I wanted to take with me, love the new town layout, and haven't deleted the old town yet but probably will as down the road when my new town is going well, I'd like to try some stuff with a different town, which I don't care if I mess up or notl.

Let me know if I can help you with anything! Good luck.
7 years ago#4

This ought to be pinned! VERY useful info, Sheila! :D Thanks! - even though it wasn't me that asked the question, I have wondered about it.

7 years ago#5
You are so welcome Fljotsdale!!! One more thing I just found out, when you move to another town, any star patterns you made come with you also, so it looks like all you lose is the museum work! (and you can order the paintings from Nook, as they will be in your catalog.

Have a good one!
7 years ago#6

From: Fljotsdale | Posted: 8/1/2009 4:39:12 PM | #004
This ought to be pinned! VERY useful info, Sheila! :D Thanks! - even though it wasn't me that asked the question, I have wondered about it.

Why? It's covered by the FAQ's which are already not read as much as they should.
And people tend to ignore stickies, especially on GFAQ's.
When political correctness replaces common sense, we are in deep trouble.-He Man
|Foxgirl| + |SLaTfAtF Dolphinette|
7 years ago#7

LOL! DLM! :lol: How right you are! I used to read stickes almost religiously, but now I rareely do... :oops:

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