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Doctor Who theme for my town tune ?

#1Azemaria_JonesPosted 1/16/2010 2:59:04 PM
Hello everyone,

I would like to have the Doctor Who theme (well the first notes in fact) as my town tune, but I can't find the sheet for that theme nowhere. Anybody can help please ?

Thanks !
#2DannWoolfPosted 1/17/2010 12:45:14 PM
Have you looked on Animal Crossing Community?
#3Azemaria_Jones(Topic Creator)Posted 1/19/2010 9:38:34 AM
Yes, but I found nothing, alas.
#4Azemaria_Jones(Topic Creator)Posted 1/19/2010 9:53:09 AM
Ho my god wait !! I found it, Doctor who theme ! Thank you very very much !!