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StickyMario Kart DS FAQ 1.1 (Sticky)
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REX ROMANI5007/10/2006
It's weird that I've never seen any mention of the snaking staff ghosts. (Archived)chadchu127/20 7:13PM
How many staff ghosts have you beaten? (Archived)Truzzz046/26 9:18AM
Wow, this game was really good. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz16/25 12:19AM
Would you guys buy this on Wii U Virtual Console? (Archived)AdmiralZephyr56/24 11:45AM
Wi-Fi oddity...??? (Archived)cadcrafter56/21 3:33AM
Ballon Battle (Archived)LaneJanes15/18 5:08PM
Donkey Kong (Archived)LaneJanes15/18 5:05PM
What are your best Figure 8 Circuit Times? (Archived)LaneJanes15/18 4:39PM
Finally playing this game, need some help getting started (Archived)sew182103/14 7:06PM
Exchange freind codes!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)Mega8bit11/25 11:38AM
Favourite Track? (Keep Bumped) (Normal, Retro and Battle) (Archived)XxPika740xX810/17 10:12PM
Oh god I just played Shroom Ridge like 3 hours straight. (Archived)Pokehustler110/10 12:45PM
Favourite Track? (Normal, Retro and Battle) -KEEP BUMPED- (Archived)
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The "Item" System in this game.... (Archived)_H4TR3D_38/6/2013
Who still plays this? (Archived)_H4TR3D_38/3/2013
Best Character? (Archived)HoneyQu33n37/28/2013
What's your combined time trial time? (Archived)DarkLerahk17/27/2013
Favourite Track? (Normal, Retro and Battle) -KEEP BUMPED- (Archived)XxPika740xX54/13/2013
I just played this game over 12 hours straight (Archived)Gameguy112/15/2013
do people still play online.. (Archived)Simon3333312/8/2013