So i hadn't played in over 2 years.. Holy hacks!

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6 years ago#1

...I had to move and lost access to wifi for over 2 years.. Finally have it back, now, and i logged onto Mario Kart for a couple of rounds for old-times sake...

What the hell! The good news was there didn't appear to be any snakers anymore. The bad news? 1st place guys able to bullet bill themselves at will, drivers seemingly able to mushrooms at will and tracks i haven't even seen before that cause my DS to crash.

Great fun.

6 years ago#2
Yep..... One of the reasons why I got an action replay. Don't use it online, but I'm trying to figure out a code that will let me drive at normal speed unless I press select, and then It'll boost me so I can take out the haxers.
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6 years ago#3
so far I've got the select thing down, but it stops me completely, so I can't accelerate (or move) =P
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6 years ago#4
I just played the game on WiFi for the first time, and one of my opponents was using a speed cheat to stay at top speed even after getting hit by items. I managed to beat him in one round through some luck, and he DCed...
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6 years ago#5
i can help u guys out i fu post ur friend codes we can race to but i have alot of anti hack codes i own hackers and i'll show u what i got ok

mario kart friend code:481310 949841

give me yours kk

name Sora
6 years ago#6
I raced somebody named sora and he/she had a lap cheat so they finished when everybody started lap two. was that you? HMMMMM?!?!? >:]
Dry PWNs! MKDS friend code: 103337-589612
6 years ago#7
Exact same here OP, I moved a little while ago, finally hooked up the wifi, went in for a race, and was obliterated by hackers.

What's the point. The race starts, then they just start bombarding you with tons of blue shells, stars, and bullet bills. And one time he got distracted messing with another racer, and I actually pulled far enough ahead to win. Well right before I could finish, he just pushed a button and won the race...
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6 years ago#8
These people befuddle me. How is that in anyway fun? What do you get with a great record? A prize?
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6 years ago#9
Thing is, these people don't even seem to have that great of a record. They often have hundreds of losses from frequent DCs...
That's what she said.
6 years ago#10
I just fought someone who selected stages that aren't supposed to be available on wifi. Waluigi's Pinball and Mushroom Bridge I think...

I think he was a Japanese player. Do they have more courses available? Or is this another haxor liek I thought?
That's what she said.
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  3. So i hadn't played in over 2 years.. Holy hacks!

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