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For my last topic.. I changed the PSP game clock speed and it runs perfectly now. Already made 4 ACs, and copied Addramalech;s design to work off of. Man, the AI is so much effective than me as an AC pilot, maybe I can try to learn to play Last Raven better, if I could get down the manual vertical targeting. Love how this game automatically vertically tracks.

Anyway, this game... It has some flaws, but it really makes you work with AC designs, and the AI can drastically change strategies and effectiveness of the AI. Only real gripe here is you should be able to activate mod chips in other ways besides 30 seconds, most matches don't even last that much, but even just the first mod chip can make the difference of a win or loss.

Getting off topic... Well, what I had on mind for the topic. I mostly wanted to ask if anyone agrees that this game's design is the best out of the entire series, it's very streamlined, and the maps (oh man nostalgia, maps are past game arenas) have all those billboards and TVs and lights... It's just awesome. It's cool to watch replays, especially with the manual cameras.

And I changed this board's generator for more EN output. So, come on repliers!
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So I took down Big Bone, with a prototype heavy assault heat-conducting AC. I was pretty scared to fight him, seeing all the comments about him being so hard. My first two matches with my main AC, yes, were pretty bad. But it didn't take long to realize.

1.) Big Bone likes to hover around slowly.
2.) Big Bone likes to only use his back pulse cannons.
3.) ^ They require energy.
4.) Heat sucks energy.

My AC has the bazooka arms that can fire normal and heat rounds, and when he used the heat shots, it was all over for Big Bone. He didn't even use his arm bazooka, ever.

So, I guess... This place needs a new Radiator?
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The top ranker was easy... I beat him on my first try, using manual control. I've created lots of good ACs for different situations, not being able to use the same part twice helped in realizing other parts' usabilities. Perhaps it's time to move on to Last Raven now. There's no AI or auto-vertical-aiming there, though. But I guess I'm a better pilot now.
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how 2 lock on 2 pulverizer ? ? ?
Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential. - Winston Churchill -