Regarding the Glitches/Bugs reported on the game...

#1ChibiGoku 302Posted 1/18/2013 8:08:54 AM
So far I'm about 11 hours into the game (just beaten Ifrit and currently heading to the next area), but I did some searching and there is reported bugs associated with this game. However, I'm unsure if these bugs are simply just associated with the PAL release or affect the original Japanese and Asian releases as well.

I currently own the Japanese version, which is the PSP the Best reprint. Due to circumstances, I can not check or update my UMD copy, due to lack of an internet connection. I was wondering if I would be affected by any potential bugs as a result on this version of the game.

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#2VeghEstherPosted 1/21/2013 11:40:32 AM
Your fine the volt glitch where the game freeze up after trying to hit the 3 switches behind it only effects the PAL/European copies of the game.

So the only glitch I had trigger on the European/Japanese version is the game randomly freezed up as soon as Blue Earth the final Maxwell extension move is used.

But the entire extension can't be done until the end of a 2nd playthrough of the game anyways.