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3 years ago#1
The following information was found in this faq:
I tried it but nothing happened. Did you trick the faq writer or what?

Nice items, by VeghEsther /
If you wish to skip this detour, and miss out on some nice equipment /
and Gald, then just carry on reading the next paragraph where you left /
off, otherwise read this and it will take you through a quick detour /
and lead you back to where you need to be again, so you can follow my /
directions.. -afterall this was written by me as well, so I don't leave/
you hanging! Just make sure you don't pick up any items along the way, /
as you'll be doing that in a bit, in my paragraph below. /
From the paragraph above: up(floating Grim Reapers, don't touch them), /
left(remember, ignore picking up the item here), up(meet a statue, /
examine it with X to make it face DOWN), down, right(floating Grim /
Reapers), up(another statue, make sure it's facing DOWN as well), down,/
right, right, right, down, down, right(statue: have it facing down as /
well), left, up, right(statue: have it facing down also). All four /
statues are now facing DOWN(south). From last location, make a left, /
up, left, left, left(Grim Reapers), down, down, down, right and up. /
This is what the detour was leading upto. Grab all the goods: 2000Gald,/
Shamsel, Needle Glove, Gem Rod, Pretty Whistle. All better weapons than/
the ones you'll be getting in the remainder of this dungeon. /
Please, note that I haven't done this so I don't know if it affects /
, but I will now direct you to the last screen, before this /
detour so that you can use the directions below, all the way out of /
this forest: down, left, up and up. Now you're in the same screen you /
were in when you last read my directions, BEFORE this detour. /
3 years ago#2
Make all of the statues face down and chests will appear the the lens is
Grand Marshal/Gladiator Priest, Lightplol.
PvE gladiator holy paladin, Lightp.
3 years ago#3
Yes by having all the statues face down the room that contains all 6 statues + the 1 lens will contain all those weapons for free and those weapons are better then every buyable weapon you could have bought up to this point.

Then once you open the chests make the 2 NW statues face Right and the other 2 Statues (NE) ones face left to enter the other half of the forest.
3 years ago#4
I did that. All the statues were facing down. I got the lens and nothing else.
3 years ago#5
After you get the lens on that 1 screen you need to exit then re-enter the screen a 2nd time before the chests can show up on screen.
3 years ago#6
I had already gone to Inferia City, but I went all the back and did the statues all over and sure enough the treasures were there. Well, thanks and I'm sorry that I insinuated that you might fool the FAQ author.
3 years ago#7
Well after you complete the forest those weapons are no longer worth it their better ones to equip on the way to fighting Sylph.
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