Elemental Master

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1 year ago#1
I can't seem to find Lestitia to get the Canceler. I've spoken with her at Cape Fortress and Luishka, but she never appears in Jini. I've tried at day, at night, without Max, with Max, nothing seems to work.

Is there something I'm missing. I have all Max's skills, but I'm having no luck.
1 year ago#2
Figured it out. The guide I was following didn't say you also have to speak to her in Peruti.
1 year ago#3
The 4 locations are Peruti right next to the Van Elta, The Gnome Statue Tinsea. Cape Fortress and Lushika.

Once that's done only then will she appear at Nightime in Jini for the Canceler, However Elemental Master itself (after you get the Canceler) requires to enter the final dungeon at least once.

Also Aqua Spiral (Tinsea) Gnome statue requires to enter Shadow's Cave at least once to learn it but beating shadow isn't required (I beat) Shadow anyways.
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