so much trouble on the last mission on hard

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9 years ago#1
I can either make it right to the end but have endless trouble,

or I can't even make it to the first checkpoint because of the damn rocket launcher guys
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9 years ago#2
Theres a couple of FAQS around here if i remember. When i first played it it took me a couple of times but i first killed a couple of guys then ran up the stairs and sort of barricaded myself in a little room with aimed my gun at the entrance and prayed that no more than 2 shotgun guys will attack me. After a while they stoped coming and i wentered out onto the catwalk and rpgs and machine guns opened up on me and i paniced. i must have sprayed over 500 rounds of machine gun bullets into every single spot in the area except for the spots that the enemy was in >.< eventually i managed to scrape by just barely =). its was a pretty comical moment.
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9 years ago#3
Same for me. I can dominate just about every other part thus far, except the very last room on the last mission on hard.
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9 years ago#4
The general strategy outlined in the FAQ helps a lot, but it needs one small bit of detail, that is, you need to wait for the RPG guy to appear. If you are low on health at this point, the correct action is to run into the room facing the incoming RPG so that the blast won't kill you, and collect first aid while battling whoever appears (the RPG and machine gun are not big threat if you are moving fast, sideway!), collect a few then run up stairs to hid in the room to take care any more that chase you, from there, try to take care of the RPG and machine gun nest. If you have plenty of health by the time the RPG guy appears, you can run back up the tunnel (you'll take a big hit), but from the safety of the tunnel, shoot the machine gun nest until it explodes (be patient, it takes a lot of well aimed single shots), then come out to collect first aid and battle whoever is left.

If you managed to bring an RPG with a few rounds to the last battle, of course, things become quite easy. Save them for the RPG guy and the machine gun nest.
9 years ago#5
Doesn't the tunnel close once you enter the room?
"Say goodnight to the bad guy!" Al Pacino, Scarface
9 years ago#6
Yes, it closes once you go past the grenades at the end of the tunnel.
9 years ago#7
Yea! I finally beat this part today! I actually did it on the second try (in the last room). Here was my strategy (which is what a lot of the FAQs recommend):

I just stayed in the tunnel as long as I could, until the guys stopped coming. As soon as the stopped, I made a mad dash up the stairs to the left and hid out in that room. I went back and forth between the two rooms upstairs until the machine gun nests opened up. Then I watched for, and took out the bazooka guys, and picked off the guys in the turrets until they blew up!

Hope this helps anyone still stuck.
"Say goodnight to the bad guy!" Al Pacino, Scarface
9 years ago#8
That is what you're meant to do but on Black Ops difficulty, do the same with an RPG. I managed to get the turrets out when I was still in the tunnel.
9 years ago#9
I simply pick "Magnum" as my second weapon with about 40-45 bullets, and the M249 as the first one! Stay near the end of the tube and kill everyone i can see with the M249, run in when it's silent, quickly collect ammo from the fallen enemies and health, and run up the stairs towrds that room.

Use the "Magnum" only to kill the guys on te other platform and not the ones who come near you on your platform. Getting those RPG & Machine Gun enemies are a piece of cake with the "magnum", makes it real easy -:)
9 years ago#10
It took me almost two hours, but I managed on my first try on normal. If not for that little bit of health regeneration I never would have made it. I got lucky about 200 times in that last room.
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