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8 years ago#1
I completed the game 100% (easy, medium, hard and black ops) in 19hrs 45mins. For levels that, according to one guide should take over an hour, only 2 levels throughout the entire game took me over an hour, the last level on black ops and on hard.
8 years ago#2

Wow LoL it takes like 1 1/2 - 2 hours for one level but now im stuck on the last level...

and no its not easy

8 years ago#3
well, I found it incredably easy.
8 years ago#4
To a certain extent you can just run and gun and blast everything to hell with plenty of health packs on easy but, even on "easy" the later levels were fairly challenging. Not to mention I'm still trying to beat the last level. Excellent game. Maybe I'm just getting old and losing my touch, I don't know but the easy level on this game is just enough of a challenge to make this a great game.
8 years ago#5
I did find the last few levels on black ops were challenging, but not too hard, and is 19hours, 45mins a record, of has anyone completed 100% faster?
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