Is this a good game?

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8 years ago#1
I've heard that this is a very nice and cool game.
Is it true?
They also have told me that it's a hard and challenging game.
I love a challenge.
Is it like Call of Duty 4?(Worse, Same, or Better?)
Can you be a sniper? (I LOVE SNIPING PEOPLE!!)

Answer ASAP, please

Thank You
8 years ago#2
very very good game, Normal difficulty isn't too challenging, Hard and Black ops difficulty is Hard.looks great too

You use a sniper a fair few times, in fact certain missions you NEED to snipe people

get it, you'll like it
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8 years ago#3
does sound like a bada$$ game!!
ill try it out
8 years ago#4
Great game, but WAY too short.
8 years ago#5
very good game, pretty good graphics.. not altogether as good as call of duty 4, but its up there on the rankings with it.
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