Should I get this?

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8 years ago#1
I mean 'cause it's intense, realistic, chaotic etc., but then it's only 6 hours long and no multiplayer.
8 years ago#2
11-20 bucks...that's a hell yeah dude...
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8 years ago#3

Get COD4 for multiplayer and this for single. Although COD4 single is good too.

8 years ago#4
.. same opinion.. this is good an all but for lack of multiplayer.. and the fact that once you beat the game on all difficultly levels.. it seems like same old' same old' anytime afterwards when you play it.

if it's cheap.. buy and play.. then dont touch..

otherwise.. give it a miss..
8 years ago#5
I just got it a couple months ago and it quickly became my favorite most addictive FPS ever. I love this game and pray for a sequel. I like it MUCH better than Resistance fall Of man for PS3.
8 years ago#6
It's way too short. Rental
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8 years ago#7
Realistic my ass.
8 years ago#8
it may be short but the graphics are insane and you'll want to play again and again. It does get hard too so its not easy to beat.
8 years ago#9
Is there a code 4 multiplayer? if so wat is it i looked but didn't find it.
8 years ago#10

code 4 multiplayer? if there was a multiplayer you wouldnt have to type in a code to play it, lol

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