Is this game about black people

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User Info: JimDean

8 years ago#1
cuz i think black people are really cool and wanna be one.

Some of my favorite games were san andrea and 50 cent bulletproof

User Info: maccah_95

8 years ago#2
heheh no it is not i think ur more meaning gangsta gun games. this iys about like secret intellegence .
ur in llike wars its first person so not like GTA san andreas. but never the lss a bril game

User Info: DRAK09

8 years ago#3
woah, calm down there
GT: Drako1358

User Info: benos

8 years ago#4
Yeah, there is a game called resident evil 5 coming out with black zombies, and apparently it's racist.
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User Info: RanBinRai

8 years ago#5
lulz I thought they were Haitian.
Awful = Awe full = full of awe = totally awesome.
Awesome = some awe = not really awesome.

User Info: _Red___XIII_

8 years ago#6
You all fail to detect a joke topic... or at least I really hope this is a joke topic.
cuz im knot doing nething rong... -Ddaannyy181
Last I checked, Rape was still a crime. *looks at English language* Poor thing... -House Monkey
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