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8 years ago#1
This is my favorite fps of all time. It needs to come to next gen.
The dust and smoke when in firefights is awesome.. debri flying everywhere.
Best feeling guns ever.
I just emailed criterion haha.
I need more BLACK
8 years ago#2
^ Black 2 is coming out on PS3 ... check out the games list
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8 years ago#3
I just watch a killzone 2 video on destruction.. and it was very underwhelming..
my first thought was.. BLACK did this better 4 years ago..
The only reason that game didnt get as much praise as it should have is because it lacked multiplayer.
8 years ago#4
any chance itl be on 360 also?
Oakland Raiders, Superbowl Season 09
8 years ago#5
^Black came out 2 years ago dude.
8 years ago#6
i meant black 2
Oakland Raiders, Superbowl Season 09
8 years ago#7
I miss this game, one of my favorite single player shooters of all time. The bridge level was f'n awesome. I really need to buy it again.
8 years ago#8
I really like this game. The graphics are amazing and it is so fun to play. BUT, I think killzone is the best fps on the ps2:lol:
8 years ago#9
i sometimes play killzone for the multiplayer bots on beachhead, but this game owns killzone. if only it had multiplayer..
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