Ya gotta love the exaggerated reload animations in this game...

#1epslionPosted 3/13/2010 4:02:16 AM
I've played quite a lot of FPS games and to this date I haven't seen a game that's nearly as exhilirating to watch myself reload a weapon than Black.
How the game shoves your weapon in front of the screen during a reload, coupled with its signature depth of field effect (fake, but nonetheless awesome), really achieves a style that no other FPS can deliver when it comes to reloading.

In summary:
Black = the best reload animations EVAR!!!
#2riddlebox89Posted 3/14/2010 9:25:37 PM
agreed :D

but the glock you get in mission 2 could've held more then just 12 rounds.
---CHEESE NIPS!!!!!!!!