where is the "White Ripper??

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7 years ago#1

hi ..need help with this quest: im in the wolf clan and this guy .says he ll give me his druid stone if I kill this white ripper - a wolf i guess ..well ihave searched a bit going north like he said but i jus cant find the beast .. someone help me please.

7 years ago#2
Use this map:

White Ripper - white star on the map
7 years ago#3
easier said than done
7 years ago#4
Ok. Start from Hammer clan. After exit-bridge, use left road, go to small mine (ogre block this path), after mine turn left
(two north tigers), go forward (a lot of wolfs), road then turn to left, but you must still go forward until you reach a
group of trolls. Then turn right, up the hill, there another group of trolls. Go forward, finally you reach THE REAPER! :)
7 years ago#5

thanks ..guys ..im gonna check it out ..

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