Gaining "skills" - how??

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7 years ago#1
I thought I had this figured out: buy enough "attribute" points and then you just need to successfully do the thing - for ex I got enough thief pts and stole from an orc shopkeeper, then wham, there was the skill. However, I then bought enough thief pts to pick difficult locks, but when I went back to a chest that was a difficult lock (and yes I had lockpicks), I still couldn't do it. ?!?!

So in short: how the heck do you gain skills? ie what besides enough attribute pts do you need (excluding the stuff it already lists when you hit "C" of course, eg needing the "lower" skill). Thx
7 years ago#2
You buy them the same way you buy attributes. Find a teacher who will teach you that skill (fighters teach fighting skills, hunter hunting skills, etc.), and for Learning Points and money you can "learn" the skill. Some skills have prequisites.
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7 years ago#3
Thanks but I must be missing something somehow.....I have only seen very few specific skills for sale, and none that are the most logical next steps up, like how to pick heavy locks.....also they cost typically 2-5K and I'm lucky to scrape up 1K half the time and need to spend that on attributes. ??
7 years ago#4
There's a guy in Cape Dunn that sells thief skill points AND the "pick difficult lock" skill. There's probably other places too, but I'm sure about that one.

You have to have a certain amount of points in a skill, before you can buy specific "sub skills"

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7 years ago#5
Well, not all teachers teach all skills, some skills you can only learn from specific teacher. You're still at the beginning of the game, so you've only meet a couple of teachers. You can't learn some of the best skills right from the start, you have to find the appropriate teacher. For example Pick impossible locks can be learnt in Geldern or in Varant (actually that skill is a waste of points, Pick difficult locks is all you need).

Here's the list of all the teachers:

As for money, pick up everything and sell it, also don't buy thing's you don't need (you only need to buy armor), learn to take animal skins and then sell them to hunters because they will pay more.
"Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide."
7 years ago#6
I am still finding this a very slow/tedious process - I guess it's just part of the game. No I don't expect to just get a ton of pts or expertise w/a snap of the fingers, but for crying out loud.....I'm at about level 20 and have played this a ton, and still way low on several attributes/skills, in fact most, as I'm trying to emphasize my fighter skills, eg strength and swordsmanship. But you also need some upgrade at thievery and hunting to help you along in various ways, esp money-wise. As I said earlier, the real bottleneck is not so much money (altho I can see that happening too - the better armour/etc are ridiculously expensive), but "learning points" - really hard/slow to accumulate. As a result, I can kill most common animals w/o too much problem (as long as it's just 1 or 2 at time mostly) along with orcs, but bandits are always in packs and no way can I kill 5+ at once, to say nothing of some of the heavier-hitting nasties I'm finding (like that golem looking thing or the big rock creature to the northwest).

Oh I did upgrade the level from "easy" to "medium" which probably isn't helping. :)
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