SCHTHACK problem ....

#1swat2kPosted 9/30/2008 6:35:12 PM
i just downloaded the SCHTHACK game off the official server ( this is my first time ever downloading the ggame ) i register my profile and got a guld card number... i opened up the game and it brought me to the main screen, after i downloadedv he patch it told me to press enter and then open the game again... when i opened the game a error came up saying - cannot creat file data/map_city02 ....... is there something i have to do to play this game???? tnx for the help :)
#2HolyPosted 9/30/2008 8:36:54 PM
Go to Program Files>Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst>

And then click "online.exe" (Or make a shortcut on the desktop of it) and it'll work.
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#3oOXaianOoPosted 10/6/2008 12:17:38 PM
I had this problem.... heres your solution

Reinstall the game... the Scht one and this time.... at the end of the install DONT uncheck 'launch game' and left the installer launch it... this launches Scht's server updater. Let it update and then once its done, delete the original shortcut, goto the root folder and make a shortcut from the online.exe to the desktop an rename it "Phantasy Star Blue Burst" and then run the game.

Hopefully this fixs your problem and I will see you on Scht server.

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#4Bloody YukataPosted 10/16/2008 7:44:39 AM
Sweet. I was having this problem as well. I will go home and try to this on my lunch break.