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7 years ago#1
So I want to make a team. Where can i find information about teams? I want to know how to get points, what i can get with these points and whatever there is to know.
7 years ago#2
If you want information on an existing team, check the Schthack forums. As for the points, don't bother. On Blue Burst, everything is already unlocked so the points mean nothing. About the only reason to ever sacrifice a rare weapon for points is if it's junk you can't get rid of (Kaladbolg, Durandal, Lightning Scar, etc.).
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7 years ago#3
I'm having trouble putting the flag up. I created a fla.bmp file in my teamflag folder and when i try to load it in the game it says it couldn't be found. Some guy told me to make it 32x32 or smaller and i did but it still doesn't work. What can i do to fix this?
7 years ago#4
You should ask over at schtserv forums. This board is too inactive, and too small a userbase to answer that.
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7 years ago#5
About the flag you can just take any picture and save it as flag.bmp in your teamflag folder and the game will resize it for you.

Of course if you use a smaller pick it will look better.

But for the most part you can just take what you want from your current image make a section. From that selection resize the canvas to the selected area then save it as flag.bmp in your teamflag folder to increase the quality of your flag.

The only question I have about the flag is what color is considered transparent?
Please include the color code. Red ?? Green ?? Blue ??
I want to know so I can trim up the excess of my outlines.
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7 years ago#6
Go here for the transparent background:
No, that is an uppercase "i,"
NOT a lowercase "L."
7 years ago#7
Thank you. (I would usually put the answering above posters name here but it contains a TOS violation.)
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