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8 years ago#1
Pistol Pros:- Higher damage per shot, greater precision, unlimited ammunition, faster reload.

Pistol Cons:- Small clip size, not accurate at extremely long distances or against pillbox sensors and it has no silencer option(meaning everyone nearby hears it, which isn't necesarrily a bad thing when moving/killing quickly is your goal).

Damage: The damage is higher compared to Gunnar using an equal number of torso shots. In the test the pistol required three shots to kill an average Nort due in great part to it's precision(even compared to an upgraded Gunnar).

Precision: The greater precision is obvious in close combat, a little practice at aiming for the head and you'll start enjoying not having to hear Gunnar's complaining or use the interface quite as often. If you teach yourself how the bullet will behave in relation to the targeting reticle at moderate to somewhat long distances you can achieve similar headshot mayhem in a greater number of situations(Short/Moderate/Semi-Long).

This is because the pistol does not require a stabilizer to use it as a sniper platform and you still keep your broad view of the battlefield around you rather than the narrow view through the scope. I've gotten 89% rating in headshots on many missions, but never broken the 90% barrier.

Unlimited Ammunition: No upgrades available to increase clip capacity but the ammunition is unlimited at no cost to you whatsoever(saving ALOT of salvage).

Faster Reload: Small clip size, but it's switched out relatively quickly(just duck behind some cover) and with no limitations on amount you do not need to enter the Bagman interface to purchase more ammo.


Gunnar Pros:- Large clip, aim assist(Autolock), sniper attachment(long shots, pillbox sensors), sentry/silencer functions.

Gunnar Cons:- Lower damage, less accurate, limited ammunition, slow reload.

Large Clip: Lots of ammunition to deal with a problem, and less reloading at the expense of salvage and interface time.

Aim Assist: Autolock is a detriment to me personally, but to some I suppose it'd be considered useful.

Sniper Attachment: All distances of sniper shots available, and the scope/stabilizer seem to be able to hit pillbox sensors more accurately than the pistol. Costs salvage and interface time.

Sentry Function: The best feature of Gunnar hands down, when deployed he uses no ammunition from your inventory though he is fairly stupid, and the enemy can close on him quickly using cover to create somewhat of a stalemate(they won't move out of cover, and he fires erratically missing them pretty easily).

Lower Damage/Less Accurate: During torso testing Gunnar(fired in short bursts) required four to six shots on average(due to a spreading shot pattern) to kill a Nort. It gets worse the further away the Nort is standing. The shots spread out hitting the arms, and legs which soak up more damage.

Limited Ammunition/Slow Reload: The clips are large but the ammunition is limited due to salvage cost, especially early in the game where the cost of clips can leave you essentially broke after purchasing upgrades also. The reload takes into consideration pausing the game, and purchasing more ammunition from Bagman when you run out completely.


Final Comments:- I guess it depends on how well you're able to use the pistol, though the benefits are there if you get good enough. It's worth it to never feel "broke" in the game, and quickly deal with threats on the harder difficulties.
8 years ago#2
Started a new playthrough(toughest difficulty), just got helm and I still have over 30k in salvage after buying all the upgrades up until that point. Using just the pistol, grenades(only on levels where the bodies can't be blown into inaccessible areas easily, mines have the same problem if placed near a door they'll knock the bodies behind the door and it closes in your face before you can grab the salvage), and sniper ammo.

The toughness changed up a bit(did the torso testing on Normal), but the headshots are still dealing with the Norts pretty easily(good example of the pistol as a sniper rifle is in the Nort Naval Base, firing from the salvage pile near the hanging boat at the Norts across the water at the top of the catwalk). Also if you can make it through a level without restocking ammo it automatically gets restocked on the next level(didn't pay attention if the feature charged you salvage).
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