I've never played disciples before this... my advice play age of wonders instead

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6 years ago#11
Can anyone tell me where to find any Age of WOnders games? Especially Shadow Magic? I used to own the game, but I lost it. I can't find it anywhere to download, or in retail (i live in Toronto) . Those were some of the best Turn Based Strategy games ever.
6 years ago#12
I agree with the TC, AoW:SM did everything this game does better. IMO, the part where they screwed up is changing the combat. That was the one part that made Disciples unique! C'mon, man!
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6 years ago#13
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#14
Anyone comparing this game to Final Fantasy Tactics or Age of Wonders may as well be comparing Baulder's Gate 2 to Diablo 2. Just because the play mechanics are similar and they're both fantasy games doesn't mean they're the same kind of game. But obviously, this is a troll thread, let's starve the trolls.
6 years ago#15

Of course, you should be able to compare turn based fantasy strategy games and of course they are different, that's the point of comparing them.

Ageofwondersheaven.com is the site for those of you who wish to go. I think they recently sold all 3 games together. Most people prefer the 3rd game.They do have a lot fan-based maps.

The AowSm faq is interesting, but the writer's style of play is VERY cautious. He can spend up to 1,000 turns. I finish in 30 to 50. It depends on your style. Compartmentalization is good and fine for single players, but it usually gets you killed in multi player. The AI seems more aggressive in the Disciples games.

I've played the other Disciples games and liked them, which is why I bought this one, but Disciples is simpler than a lot of other turn based strategy games, but they were still fun.

Here's to having fun with this game!
6 years ago#16
LordGorbag...You make some good points. Getting people positive about THIS game is a good call, especially as there is some negativity around. Comparing the few fantasy TBS games on the PC is also a natural thing to do and something which helps us get our heads around some of the problems we experience. Interesting you should comment on the 1,000 turns issue in the AoW:SM FAQ as it is that remark which, partly, prevented me from completing that game. Like many others, I like games with long gameplay but levels which "outstay their welcome" often result in games being uninstalled! I worked out that the average level in D2 could be completed in 2-3 sessions, which equates to 5-7 hours and that is about right for me. The levels in Shadow Magic were taking too long, and that put me off completing it. As mentioned, I'm not buying D3 until a suitable patch is released to fix many of the problems mentioned here. The fact that the tutorial is pants also worries me as I often form strong opinions about a game based upon the experience of the tutorial. Eastern European developers seem to have a thing about bad tutorials (think HoI games, Elven Legacy, etc.) so no change there then!
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6 years ago#17
Hey let's compare Disciples II to Galactic Civilizations while we're at it.
6 years ago#18
Valentine, I don't need to mention to you how your blind, weak defense of this game makes you appear much more sadder than you already are...
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6 years ago#19
I'm not issuing a blind weak defense of the game, I'm just calling out trolls and stupid comparisons. Let's compare Age of Wonders to Civilizations 4
6 years ago#20
Civilization even
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