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Who should I give the Nidhogg to?

#11Wolf_Link_Posted 12/14/2009 7:14:27 PM
Audhulma - Amelia, if Gilliam stole Vidofnir. Filler weapon mostly.
Vidofnir - General, unless Amelia is using Garm. 5 Def is kinda useful, but it makes you love WTA to Axes.
Garm - Zerker or General Amelia. In that order.
Nidhogg - Suck. Bows are suck, and nobody should have an S in it (aside from Innes, but you won't be using him anyway)
Excalibur - Ewan. If not him, then whoever. Along with Garm, this should be in every team. 5 Speed is godly.
Ivaldi - Second sage if you're using more than one magic user.
Gleipnir/Naglfar - Third Magic user/Dark Zerker. Otherwise steer clear.
Latona can't be used.
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#12PokeAMonPosted 12/14/2009 9:25:15 PM
The thing is, it's not just about the Sacred Twin, it's about the weapon itself. Just because, say, the Garm is taken, there is no reason for Garcia to get an inferior weapon in the Bow. Since Neimi likes the Audhulma and Garcia loves that 5 Spd and Garm, there is little reason to give either the Nidhogg.

Obviously if this is only for ingame, without caring about CC or LA, the question shouldn't even be asked, as it doesn't matter.
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#1317MasterPosted 12/14/2009 9:30:01 PM
My question is, how is Neimi reasonably getting S swords before any other sword user, unless TC isn't using Joshua, Gerik, Marisa, or the Cavaliers? Unless TC isn't using any of them. For what you need it for for, Nidhogg is a fine weapon. Be rational and give Neimi S Bows.
#14PokeAMonPosted 12/14/2009 10:21:17 PM
I mentioned that if the TC doesn't care about CC or LA, it doesn't matter. However, either way the game is easy enough that you won't even need to use the Sacred Twins more than 3 times each, and that's being generous.

If Neimi S ranks Bows, she'll be missing out on a fair bit of Sword Exp, which will most likely be another weapon level. This jump, let's say from D to C, is enough for Neimi to use Killing Edges. This will boost her damage output more than using the Nidhogg (sparingly) will.

Furthermore, if TC elects for Neimi to not S rank Bows, she can get the Audhulma. Though there are better candidates out there for the Audhulma, it should be known that she is one of the only units who won't be doubled by Garm Berserkers, making her a legitimate Garm counter. Being able to support with both Generals, Neimi is a decent LA choice, if only just to complete a support ring.

Also, as marginal as it is, S ranking Swords gives Neimi a small Crit boost in CC, which ups her damage output a small bit. Seeing as how CC is 70% Enemy Phase, it gives her an extra critical hit or two. I know, it means little, but it's still an advantage, no?
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#15ALPHANDREWOMEGA(Topic Creator)Posted 12/15/2009 2:46:39 PM
I mostly have ytreqs' setup, ahhh crap, I got Neimi S rank in bows...should've waited for a response here. Lagdou Ruins is quite a bit harder, Gorgons and those three-headed dog things annoy me. Easily solved by heavily armored units...but still.
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#16AnoulethPosted 12/15/2009 4:01:40 PM
Audhulma: Gerik
Vidofnir: WK Tana
Garm: GK Franz OR ZerkerRoss
Nidhogg: Innes
Excalibur: Lute
Ivaldi: Artur
Gleipnir: Sucks
Latona: Sucks

Although I generally don't end up using Garm at all, since Franz normally goes Pala and I ditch Ross. As if it matters - 7 Sacred Twins are enough, I don't mind ditching the best one because axe users suck, or don't have enough time to reach S rank.
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