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I am really disappointed about this game's difficulty. (Archived)
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Rpgaddict_22262/21 10:11PM
Lemme see if i have this straight: Best Promotions (Archived)
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Leedude46152/17 9:12AM
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An error in Ch.10 (Archived)PsychologistPhD52/10 8:47AM
Are any of the romances at the end canon? (Archived)
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Champeon112/10 8:09AM
Why doesn't Fimbulvetr do 4x damage to Wyverns? (Archived)Champeon22/7 3:23PM
PSA Yearly Reminder Edition: Ewan is COMPLETE ASS (Archived)
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DepreceV2152/7 3:22PM
Attn: I_eat_tables (Archived)Buddios32/7 2:01PM
Im having some trouble on Chapter 13 of Ephraim's route, on normal mode. Help? (Archived)Champeon52/6 6:35PM