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Just to clarify - Unlocking Super Trainees; also, reinforcements (Archived)astrophys42/28 3:13PM
If you want the most special endings and story... *spoilers* (Archived)SazukeEX42/27 7:40PM
Is it conceivably possible to duo-solo Chap. 6 with Eirika and Joshua? (Archived)MetaFalconPunch82/15 4:37PM
I wish Fomortiis had an origin story. (Archived)Awsomdud32/12 6:29AM
FE 8 Hack (Archived)Nold12352/9 3:42PM
I just want to know if I am doing a good LP of Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. (Archived)llee100032/7 8:30AM
Magic promotions & S class tomes (Archived)w0 0t52/5 1:05PM
Characters keep missing (Archived)Vlugge_Japie32/2 11:56AM
A dream game (Archived)JMISBEST51/26 11:12AM
Well I got bored and decided to do a Seth Solo for the first time... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
MetaFalconPunch111/26 7:33AM
Wii U (Archived)Frostbite1721/24 8:17PM
What are the 3 best bits of luck with The RNG you ever had in this game (Archived)JMISBEST51/23 4:19PM
Translated version of the Fuuin game... (Archived)DreTam200091/22 3:58AM
Any good FE8 difficulty hacks? (Archived)BrassBirch61/21 10:45PM
Ephraim Solo HM, recruiting Rennac (Archived)sheriffnocry31/20 4:51PM
New Solos/Challenges (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Behrz141/20 9:59AM
Stats Boost farm (Archived)darklightevgeny31/20 9:35AM
Your Fave and Least Fave things every Fire Emblem Game you have played? (Archived)JMISBEST71/14 3:11PM
About the Infinite Support glitch? (Archived)Mvcskf11/12 10:00PM
Remember when Gheb.. (Archived)ZylozesTheGreat51/7 6:04PM
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