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8 years ago#1
I have just arrived in bayrux and can't seem to progress the game any further. I am suppose to find information about the wind shard but I have talked to everyone in bayrux and nothing. Past bayrux there is the boss undine, but he is like a ghost and I can't get him to attack. Any help is greatly appreciated.
8 years ago#2
I think Undine is involved in triggering the next event, but I can't remember if you actually fight and run, or just can't fight at all. ....Anyway, after 'something' to do with Undine you need to go to the communication sphere and then you'll be on your way.

Sorry, I realize that's all kinda vague but I can't remember the details.
8 years ago#3
Can someone else be more specific as to what to do. The walkthrough here says I'm suppose to fight undine but he is not doing anything. He is just like a ghost which I can't touch. Someone has told me I need to use or do something to make him respond to me but I don't know what.
8 years ago#4
| Boss Battle |

Note: Undine can't be defeated without the Glacier Maker. Just keep attacking
until the battle ends. After the battle, get in touch with Lehas.
- Boss: Undine -

d. Use the Communication Sphere to get in touch with Lehas. She is not there
and further more the Headquarters is under attack. Return to Headquarters.

- From Double G's faq

By fighting it seems to trigger an event.
8 years ago#5
But that's the problem I'm having, I can't initiate the battle first. He is just there on the field as a ghost or something so I can't do anything to him to start the battle first. I need to start the battle first before the party will realize that he can't be defeated.
8 years ago#6
Ok, so you are not able come in contact it and did not have any battle with it at all. Right? Otherwise I don't know what exactly is wrong then.

I am not certain about this, but might have to continue to jump islands to you can get in contact with the boss.
8 years ago#7
Yes, that's right. I can't touch him or initiate the battle. Someone on another board told me I needed to use an Item or certain weapon to make him solid before I can battle him but I don't know what.
8 years ago#8
The item you need is the Glacier Maker, but you don't get that till after you go the first battle with Undine where you cannot do any damage to it, and then going back to headquarters after trying to make contact with Lehas through the sphere.

After the events at headquarters you read Lehas's diary which gives you the required item to fight and do damage to Undine, the Glacier Maker. So don't worry about the item, you are only trying to have the first battle to initiate an event, not to beat it.

If you are not able to touch it, see if there is a different teleporter that will hopefully let you come in contact with it.

That or you had the first battle already and saved, but just forgot about it. Though it seems unlikely.
8 years ago#9
I tried starting a new game hoping it was just a glitch but undine is still there as a ghost. I tried going through every transporter and making my way all the way to Involk Castle and the going back but still can't seem to do anything to him.

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