Which characters are worth it?

#1Nighthawk200199Posted 11/22/2010 5:10:01 AM
Whos worth getting i am still in the begining with the first ones that join you automatically to make it a 3 party deal, havent gone too far yet. But I dont want crappy characters whos worth using? Like in strength and weakness wise.
#2lennethsokiPosted 11/24/2010 11:42:04 AM
As the character guide states, they are all useful when you level them up enough. But if I HAD to, I would say that Tia (although one of my favorites) is a side character you probably won't like. I highly recommend trying to acquire Viser (SO COOL), and you will end up meeting the requirements to acquire a lot of the secret characters as well!

IMO They're all worth it, and unless you have every secret character, you cannot get every legendary weapon :P
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#3feel2cPosted 11/25/2010 2:43:17 AM
Each characters are good in their own way. But this is my favorite team:

Spero - The main character and a very strong character, there is no reason not to use him.
Grey - He is strong and got some better range attack than Spero.
Adara - Her magic are good and she got some good support magic. Also she got a great Team Attack with Spero and Grey (And Linea as well)
Linea - A very strong archer. With Grandir weapon, she will be the best character.
Prier - A great healer, also she got an unique spell that can increase the party POW and ACC.
Viser - A side character that is good at physical attack and magic.