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7 years ago#1
Is anyone familier with coolmariners98's Ultimate Quest Scene script?
Cause i can't figure out how to open the quest menu. and the thread has been dead for a while.
OR if anyone knows a better Quest log script i'd love to learn about it :P thx
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7 years ago#2
From the topic:
1. To edit data just simply edit Quest_Data, there is no need to edit anything else!!
2. How the qupdate switches work (to set on in game just call script and type $game_temp.qupdate[#] = true, where # is the number switch you want to turn on:
qupdate 1, 11, 21, 31, 41, etc. are used for giving quests, aka will make then quests appear in the menu
qupdate 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. are used for ending quests, aka will make the quest complete
qupdate 2-9, 12-19, 13-29, etc. are used for quest objectives, aka will make quest objectives fade out

That's after you copy&paste the script sections as mentioned.
Other than that I remember:
Jaberwocky's Quest Log
Lambchop's Super Simple Quest Journal (or something like that)
Zeriab's Quest Book

Choose which ever fits your game.
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7 years ago#3
I'll check out those other scripts but my question is more simpler. How do i accually open the quest log in the game? LIke you pres ESC or C to open the Game Menu. I seriously spent half an hour trying to figure this out!
What if their were no hypothetical questions?
7 years ago#4
If you mean the menu of the game, then X. If you mean the game's data and switch information, then IIRC it's F12.
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7 years ago#5
F12 causes the game to restart.
It's F9 you want ;)
Religion is opium for the people - Karl Marx
7 years ago#6
XD OMG.... i have everyone listing every command in the game! No, i just wanted to know how to open coolmariners98's Ultimate Quest Scene during the game. I wasnt able to open his demo so i don't know what needs to be pressed/done to get the quest scene window to pop-up during the game. Thanks for trying to help, DaReaper, but i know how to edit the quest information with qupdate. Its opening the quest log itsself that i cant figure out. Im trying to be as clear as possible with this (since i've already seemed to cause confusion) so ill say it again:

I need to know how to OPEN coolmariners' Quests scene during the game. XP im srry for not being clear enough in my first post. thanks for trying to help anyway
What if their were no hypothetical questions?
7 years ago#7
Oh. I think you can do it with the script call event command where you put this:
$scene =

Tell me if it works ^^
Religion is opium for the people - Karl Marx
7 years ago#8
THANK YOU!!! i new it had to be something incredibly simple like that ;D
What if their were no hypothetical questions?

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