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User Info: PK_Ness

4 years ago#1
is he a one time thing?
i just ran into it in the wild, but it fled.
if i catch it and its a bad nature, can i just reset and hope to run into a better one next time?
and does he re-spawn if i kill him?
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User Info: VoidSeraphim

4 years ago#2
Natures and IVs are determined when you choose the color on the TV. He does not appear again if you faint him.

User Info: ssj_duelist

4 years ago#3
AR an EON ticket then select red for the TV then you can soft reset at southern island as much as you want for Latios and get a Soul Dew.
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User Info: evillocke

4 years ago#4
Not changing this until ff6 gets a 3ds remake. 6/19/2012.

User Info: PK_Ness

4 years ago#5
i screwed up from the start.
looks like im stuck with another latios that will just get boxed away. ;_;
White : 1162 9687 6548
HeartGold : 5027 6661 7475

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