OFFICIAL A.R. max duo gba/ds CHEAT THREAD, ROUND 2 (keep bumped)

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11 years ago#211
@ BDM2004:

This is the Master Code you want:
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

And then this code:
C2A1D7AF 0A81337B

Boot up any TM Pikachu can learn, and then try to teach it that move. It will say the original move until you actually get to the screen where you delete a move, at which point it will be replaced with "Surf."

Be careful, as this code will do this for any TM on any Pokemon.
11 years ago#212
Brilliant, Thanks!!
CRAB BATTLE! - Naked Snake
11 years ago#213
check if the codes are on and the AR iunno all the encounter codes Iv done have worked for me and iv used the encounter codes like 80 times......

I've done this and I still haven't been able to get it to work, just the same pokemon that are usually there come up.
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11 years ago#214
@ The Fir Coat:

For the shorter codes (of form xxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy), use this master code:
B749822B CE9BFAC1
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

For the longer codes, use this master code:
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Test with these codes:
Short form:
4427AB7E FA5ACF46

Long form:
25214170 0AB256A2
95CCF842 A51B89F8
2E7B7A58 D0781742
D52902CA 343CF38A

You should find only Bulbasaur in any patch of grass.

Also make sure you're using no other patch codes, so just activate the master code and the modifier code.

See if this helps.
11 years ago#215
Ok, I got it to work, thanks Eagle.
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11 years ago#216
To Gator Shark
Thank u for your response.
The infinite money & the battle points codes still don't work!
I have encounter codes on & the dma disabler code on-is that the problem? I'm using the AR Max Duo..
how do you get the encounter pokemon to be shiny? i tried the shiny code and the encounter codes on a different file, but i couldn't get them shiny
11 years ago#218
The Shiny code and the Encounter codes cannot both be used at once. The cheat device can only handle 1 ROM Patch code.

Now as for GalOfThunder, disable all codes. Enable the DMA-Disabler, and enable the Battle Points code. On the Frontier Pass, you should have 9999 battle points.
Your problem probably extends from what I just said before. The DMA-d and the Encounter codes are both ROM Patches and cannot be used together.
I had a pokemon named "POLIMEW!" that was a Shiny Mew in battle and a Shiny Politoed on the Stats.
11 years ago#219
Will these codes work on an AR V 3.3*

*Source:I looked at the top of the screen in the options menu.
11 years ago#220
@ asfsad009:
That's what I use, and I've gotten all of these codes to work, so yes, they should work.
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