Clock-based events?

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9 years ago#1
Hey all;

So I have the option to play this game on PC, or go and buy a GBA to relive my love for Pokemon.

Obviously, the former, free option is preferred for this singular game, but... Due to the mechanics of it, I can not simulate a GBA internal clock on my PC, and thus when I load the game, it tells me that no clock-based events will occur when I play.

Can someone please tell me about these events?
9 years ago#2
Go to options, emulator and check off real time clock. That activates the timer based events for you.
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9 years ago#3
Thanks man, but it still tells me that clock-based events will be turned off when I load the rom :/
9 years ago#4
Did you check it off while the rom was loaded?
*sings*Ooh, I love my dancin' and my meringues.......
Or have it applied to the save file itself?

Not like there's much anyway (mainly locked into an Eevee evolution, Shoal Cave tides, lottery, berry growing). Through VBA, you can hack whatever the clock is stopping you from getting ;;>_>

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