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9 years ago#1

Anyone has the file? Can anyone give me a link for the software? Pls...

9 years ago#2
Here is the link for Ciro's Pokemon Maker:

9 years ago#3
how do u do this
im cant download it
9 years ago#4
What happens when you try and download it?
9 years ago#5

I downloaded it but it has an error... It say "Component 'Tabclt32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is a missing or invalid" What does it mean?

BTW, I am using a limited account in Window XP

9 years ago#6
The download works fine for me. Try this one instead:

9 years ago#7
The Tabctl32.ocx file should be in your system 32 folder. Since you are using a limited account, it may be denying access to it. Can you log on as an administrator?
9 years ago#8
Say, Matt. Got a question about the maker here. Is it necessary to change the appearance of the wild monster you get? All I want is the changes in IVs (and possibly other changes) when I meet a monster.

Does this also apply to monsters handed to you and/or traded in game?
9 years ago#9
The pokemon maker does not apply to wild pokemon. All it does is put your custom built pokemon in the box and slot that you choose. For example, if you choose box 1/slot 1 when you make your pokemon, the pokemon will appear in box1/slot 1 of the pc when you enter the code. You can't apply the codes to existing pokemon, you can only make new pokemon. Also, make sure that there are not any pokemon in the slot that you choose or else the existing pokemon will get replaced.
9 years ago#10
Oh, darn. So it's nothing like pokesav. This program pretty much erases the effort of catching monsters then if it's used.

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