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Pokemon Won't Obey?? (ALL Badges)

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8 years ago#1
My Pokemon Deoxys and Mew won't obey??? Why is this? All my other (cheated) Legendary pokemon obey! Help will be appreciated.
8 years ago#2
i know mewtwo should i obey you
but there something with deoxys
i forgot but you need to catch him officially to have him obey you
i think
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8 years ago#3
MEW not Mew2
8 years ago#4
You didn't hack their obidience bit.
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8 years ago#5
Whaaaaaaaaaaat's that?
8 years ago#6
What's the code for the obedience thing?
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8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#8
What I meant was...It was on SUPERCHEATS..
It's this code that helped it work! I have to level them up all over again though... ;~;
8 years ago#9
Yeah, Mew and Deoxys have hack protection that screws you over if you try to catch them in the wild rather than on their islands. You could use Ciro's Pokemon Maker to create ones with the obedience bit set.

Also, you're on Emerald. There's a clone trick you could use for Rare Candy, so all you'd need is to get in the battles for your stat experience.

Also, you have a cheat device. You could just use the pokemon maker to make them with the stat experience and level you want. =P
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8 years ago#10
joke topic sensor is going off
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