Should I or should I not evolve Vigoroth?

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7 years ago#1
7 years ago#2
Evolve and give it hyper beam. Quite important, as you use hyper beam, and then switch out as he will loaf around next turn.

Slaking's huge boost in stats make up for being able to attack once every two turns.

But, your choice.
7 years ago#3
I was thinking of delaying her evolution until she learns Focus Punch as it seems to be a powerhouse attack.
7 years ago#4
nonono hyper beam
*insert witty pokemon related statement here*
7 years ago#5
Well, after a Hyper Beam you can't use the loaf around turn to switch in a new PokeMon or use an item, making it easier for the opponent to set up on you. I personally enjoy the extra juice Hyper Beam gives, but you could replace it with Return if that wasted re-charge turn doesn't sound too nice to you.

And if you are waiting for Focus Punch, you can either teach it to him that way, or teach it the TM. Up to you.
7 years ago#6
In-game, you can switch after defeating a Pokemon (as long as it isn't a double battle), meaning you don't have the recharge turn to worry about, if you switch.

However, if we're talking competitive/Battle Frontier (iirc)/anything else not considered in-game, you would have the recharge turn to consider.
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7 years ago#7
Vigoroth is very mediocre. Its base stats are very bleh, having 80 Att, Def and Spe, and that is quite below average considering its role.
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7 years ago#8
I was actually thinking of making this topic earlier because i managed to get a Slakoth with Perfect IV's in Health and Attack, and a 30 in Sp.Atk so idk what im gonna do if i will evolve him or not.
7 years ago#9
Focus Punch is useless on its own except against human opponents.

Vigoroth has a better ability, Slaking has a better everything else.
7 years ago#10
Evolve it give it a choice band teach it four physical attacks and watch as he OHKO every poke ingame.(assuming its at a reasonable level)
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