What is Pokemon Chaos Black and Quartz version?

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7 years ago#1
Never heard of them...

Pokemon Chaos Black Version:


Pokemon Quartz Version:


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7 years ago#2
They are ROM Hacks, illegal modifications of the Legitimate game to make a new game
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7 years ago#3
aka Don't pay money for them >_>
7 years ago#4
should make aqua blue and lightning yellow!
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7 years ago#5
^ only lightning yellow, leaf green equals blue
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7 years ago#6

From: XGamer549 | #003
aka Don't pay money for them >_>

Actually Quartz is worth the money
For $5 you get everything up to sootopolis city
And the trainers swear at you

But still, if I knew it was a hack I would not have gotten it

And about Chaos Black......
You cant get past the first dungeon or so >__>
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7 years ago#7
oh and you want to know how I know this...
... I bought them when I was on holidays at Malaysia
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7 years ago#8
I am from Malaysia. Do not buy Pokemon Emerald in Malaysia!

The difference:
The clock will never move (90%)
You save will be deleted when you beat elite four (5/7)
Hall of Fame is corrupted. (If you are lucky enough to beat the elite for and the save isn't deleted)

So far, I only meet a fried with a cartidge that the clock is still moving. Too bad I tossed it T.T
It is because "The Internal Battery has run dry, the game can be play. However the clockbase event will no longer occur. I know how to change the internal battery myself now, but i throw it one year ago.

As for the Pokemon Quartz, can anyone find zangoose and tell me the name? I have pokemon Sapphire, Emerald and Quartz.. I wish i can get the 200th pokemon.

In Pokemon Quartz, you can get the Feebas and Zubat with sleeppowder easily. Their graphic are different, but after you trade them to emerald, it will be back to normal and it knows the move.

Ohh, in Malaysia, they are plenty of cartidge with 10 GBA games and 100++ NES game in a GBA cartidge for only RM40 or so (10$)
7 years ago#9
@ yeapengchiam
Do you know what Pokemon Arcoiris is?
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7 years ago#10
No, I only know about Pokemon Naranja with Celebi in the Title Screen. You get your 5th badge as you beat the first, only GYM leader and also a Lapras which knows surf. There is nothing there. Another useless ROM HACK like chaos black.

There is one ROM Hack worth mentioning, Pokemon Perla. You can't even go into the 5th GYM so you can't progress. However, there is a patch of grass with Deoxy, Charlizard, Venasaur, Squitle in it. It is very difficult to catch deoxy but you can importing Master Ball from Emerald (thanks to the cloning glitch). If you want to earn money in the game and catch more pokemon with pokeball, you have to get zizagoon for the pickup ablility. Sell away those Vitamins to buy lot of Pokeball and Premier Ball.
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