There so many useless pokemons

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5 years ago#1
I mean,Mightyeena,Poochyena,Zigzagoon,Dusox,beautyfly,Dustox.

I don't get it why they offer these pokemons to catch earlier when they can barely survive the 3 first gym.

he bugs only do any good when its against the fighters gym.
5 years ago#2
Maybe you want to use them for the last 5 gyms, Elite 4, random trainers etc?
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5 years ago#3
Linoone > you.
5 years ago#4
Thats why i dindt mentioned,its a decent pokemon after all.
5 years ago#5
My Linoone in my Nuzlocke run kicks butt! 70+ Atk and 80+ Speed at level 26?
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5 years ago#6
Zigzagoon never leaves my party after the moment I catch him. He's way more helpful than the overwhelming majority of pokes you can catch in a casual playthrough.
5 years ago#7
i actually use mightyena lol. i think he's a good pokemon to start off with,plus he's a dog and i like dog pokemon and he's dark. favorite dog? HOUNDOOM:FIRE AND DARK!
5 years ago#8
Yeah, we all know that gen 3 has the worst earlygame Pokemon. Ralts, Taillow, Skroomish, all terrible. GSC was much better because it gave you amazingly strong Pokemon like Ledyba and Dunsparce early on.
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5 years ago#9
At least Dunsparce was given the godly Serene Grace ability.
5 years ago#10
idk why but i always have a zubat in my team.why? crobat! i always get it at lv 33. the reason why is happyness and zubat evolves at 22 i think and basicaly if your golbat doesnt faint at all it will evolve 10 or maybe even less lvs if you give it carbos zink ect.
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