Is there a Gameshark Code for Celebi (Nintendo Event)?

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5 years ago#1
Hi. I need a Celebi to finish my 3rd gen Pokedex. But I want the one provided on the Nintendo events. This topic:

it's just what I needed... But I own a Gameshark, not an AR. Does someone know this same code for the Gameshark?

I'm kind of getting desperate to get this little poke. If I can't get him (it?) through GS I'll have to buy a copy of emerald on ebay with all the events already loaded on it. But I'm uncertain whether those pokemon are the "real" ones. I don't care if I get clones of an event pokemon, but I don't want hacked Celebi with OT = Ash, etc, captured on some random route. I have tons of those

In summary: a) -Is there a Gameshark code to get Event Celebi?
b)- Is it a good idea to buy those preloaded games on ebay containing all the event Pokemon?

Thank you very much in advance for any help you all can provide regarding this problem.
5 years ago#2

No you can not obtain a pokemon code for any pokemon gmae that will enable it to say pokemon event. Also dont try and get them from ebay dude ur just gonna end up getting ripped off because the games are probobly fake or the pokemon in the games are fake or theres something that has been taken out of the game the best thing you can do is just look around untill you find someone who has celebii because ur not gonna find a code tht enables you to make it look legit.

5 years ago#3
Thanks for the tips.

But I figured a way out and managed to get a "legit" Ageto Celebi through some .sav google search.

I finally finished my 3rd Gen Pokedex, with every single "legit" critter. I know some of them are clones of legit ones, or captured through cheating devices which enabled the events to occur in-game, but that's the only option for me since I don't live in USA, and the events are over anyway.
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