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3 years ago#1
I cannot seem to get any codes to work. Either I'm putting in the codes wrong, or the codes themselves are wrong. Would someone be able to help me
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3 years ago#2
or codes period. doesn't have to be game shark. I've had a little more success since I first posted this topic. I haven't been able to get any codes that I wanted to work (only misc codes such as shinys). The main codes I wanted were for all tms/hms (only found codes that would get me a portion, but not all of them), nature modifier (wild mod), and if possible iv mod for wild pokemon.
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3 years ago#3
For VBA's traditional interface, code entry is under Cheats->List. Normally, gameshark button is for entry of GS and AR codes. It usually makes the distinction between v1/v2 and v3 by whether or not you include a space between the two 8-character parts. Codebreaker button is for GSSP and CBA code entry. However, some newer versions of VBA are a little more lenient, and will recognize these codes when using Gameshark entry.

xxxxxxxxyyyyyyyy = v1/v2
xxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy = v3

xxxxxxxx yyyy = CBA / GSSP

Even though codes usually work without (M) / Mastercode, there exist some cases where it is absolutely necessary. For GSSP codes, if the (M)astercode starts with 9 and has say three 12-digit lines, you MUST enter this code first before the other codes for them to work.
Some codes have a Special (M) code that needs to be used in order for them to work. The author of the codes usually tells you this clearly. For instance, wild pokemon full modifier codes in the Ruby/Sapphire FAQ are like that.
Some older versions of VBA, however, ignore (M) codes, thus making codes that rely on the (M) code not function.

For most other codes in Pokemon Emerald, Dynamic Memory Allocation needs to be halted and memory shifted to predictable static locations before you try enabling the code. To do this, you need to use and have enabled the Anti-DMA code before your game starts; and, if enabled later (like with VBA), do an action in game (like entering-and-exiting house, opening-and-closing trainer card,..) that will shift the memory to proper static locations.

Please keep in mind that the DMA Disable code in the sticky topic has a typo in its first line. It was corrected later on in the first topic, but that didn't get copied over to round 2.
06122196 8FE98260 ==> 06122196 8FE9826D
Despite it being wrong, that version has been copied numerously around the Internet. However, even corrected, that one does not effectively stop dynamic memory allocation. Some memory blocks, like the PC, still move around. Instead, just use the one in the FAQ for the most compatibility.

Anti-DMA [Rom Patch code]
1C7B3231 B494738C

*Code button entry in newer versions of VBA can also accept the code using this format:

NOTE: Patch codes, like the Anti-DMA code, may or may not work alongside other patch codes in VBA, depending on the version. Normally on AR, patch codes need to be coded to use different patch slots (up to 4), so only one patch code per slot. If two or more that are coded for the same slot are enabled, only one would work.
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3 years ago#4
To get TMs/HMs, you either need to use an Item PC modifier with the Anti-DMA, a Bag Pocket modifier with Anti-DMA and Anti-MemCrypt. Or, perhaps the safest way, modify the PokeMart inventory and buy them.

This document contains the ram-write codes for modifying PokeMart Items:

Alternately, you can use the TM modifiers in Labmaster's FAQ to change the move a pokemon will learn.

If you do want to try messing with TM pocket, I provided the code below. If anything disappears from your bag, quantities get Question marks, or pokemon get corrupt, do NOT save!!

Anti-MemCrypt [Rom Patch Slot 2]
525F4CDD 578E4EC7
1C7B3231 B494738C

All TMs/HMs in Pocket *Requires Anti-DMA & Anti-MemCrypt
E654A566 F229BE8F
C6511EC5 0F15C8E0
1C56517D 5E586DA1
E654A566 F229BE8F
132AE7B5 A2D3F736
1C91630E C663E711

For wild pokemon modifiers, Rom Patch codes can be used to modify wild pokemon's nature. Just remember what I said about Rom Patch codes.

Check under "Nature Modifier" in:
- or in -

Max IVs for wild pokemon can be done either with the alternate wild pokemon modifiers under a special (M) code, or with a Rom Patch code. As mentioned before, (M) codes may not work in older versions of VBA, but you can give it a try.

(M) (for Wild Pokemon Modifier Codes)
B749822B CE9BFAC1
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Max IVs
E25F4B56 B9166862

A72AB10A 7F70076E

Level 30
640BC06E 716F7457

-More modifiers for this method are in the FAQ.

Then here's the Rom Patch code I mentioned for wild pokemon Max IVs. I coded it for the other patch slots as well.

Wild Pokemon Max IVs [Rom Patch Slot 1]
3A940A53 3E180FB9

Wild Pokemon Max IVs [Rom Patch Slot 2]
9D49A9C1 D46AFDC5

Wild Pokemon Max IVs [Rom Patch Slot 3]
B9981AB9 CA4EE529

Wild Pokemon Max IVs [Rom Patch Slot 4]
86C65634 18F94C8C

The last method I'll mention is good if you require more customization for a wild pokemon. This one does not require a special (M) code, and will thus likely work on VBA. It only needs the Anti-DMA code. You can customize IVs, level, nature, gender, etc. The other Rom Patch mods don't work on this pokemon, though that doesn't really matter.

(Post #474 in sticky topic)

The previous version of the pokemon encounter codegen program is still up at:
I had a pokemon named "POLIMEW!" that was a Shiny Mew in battle and a Shiny Politoed on the Stats.
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