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What should've / would've been included in an "Expanded Hoenn Dex" (Archived)Nostalgia_343/22/2014
Oh cool, look it's a whisme- (Archived)Mikokiri73/19/2014
Anybody else playing this game? (Archived)
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Are there any risks in using the cloning glitch? (Archived)-BrokenSpiral-63/2/2014
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Bootleg cartridge, clock not working. Should I replace the battery? (Archived)Kiwi7PL23/1/2014
What exactly are the consequences of the internal battery running dry? (Archived)Ron_Burgandy_22/28/2014
Does Pokemon Emerald have a LP or long essay dedicated to how bad it is? (Archived)ProtosHeis82/28/2014
There's a staircase in Prof Birches lab (386) (Archived)wdlp52/28/2014
How to catch legit shinies in 3 minutes (Archived)RichieL199152/26/2014
Is this game really worth playing? (Archived)MasterChief64662/26/2014
This is my first Pokemon game and I have a question. (Archived)Aakla52/21/2014
What's your favorite bike? (Poll)fawful_X82/21/2014
Is there a difference in difficult in Battle Tower Level 50 and Level 100? (Archived)
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Generation Nuzlocke Challenge (Archived)OrangeCrush980102/14/2014