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Help me make a team to get a 100 streak in the battle tower? (Archived)
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100streak251/25 12:49PM
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help plz (Archived)VINCESCREWEDWWF31/11 12:08PM
Another stupid question from a noob. (Archived)SevenDayCandler31/5 6:48PM
Once again, help a noob please? (Archived)SevenDayCandler71/5 3:55PM
Realismlocke (Archived)
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OrangeCrush980111/4 2:18PM
Starting a Let's Play solo run. What poke would everyone like to see? (Archived)AllDarkNoStars101/4 7:08AM
I'm a complete noob here, sorry for the nooby GameShark Emulator Question. (Archived)SevenDayCandler71/1 4:05PM
Psychic Types (Archived)cod4champ22412/31 12:09AM
Are these good move sets for Altaria? (Archived)
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TurtlesFC_alt1112/31 12:08AM
What is your favourite/favorite.... (Archived)Aruaruu212/28 10:21PM
I could use some team help (Archived)
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FioraUzuki1712/28 12:11PM
Good Pokemon team? (Archived)
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ColonyChaos5912/27 10:23AM
It's awesome how they put the Hoenn Pokemon League on the equivalent of Okinawa (Archived)slk_23212/25 6:10PM
Looking for a randomizer (Archived)gbchaosmaster212/23 3:17PM
In game suggestion? (Archived)GoatBoyFresh612/23 12:34PM
The best way to defeat the 8th gym leader AND Elite 4/campion (Archived)TurtlesFC_alt1012/18 10:11AM
Clock based events no longer run. Is the game still playable? (Archived)ShadowH2006712/16 7:36PM