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Do you have to beat the Elite Four in Emerald to Transfer to Soul Silver? (Archived)thegriffin8834/4/2014
Leveling up to 85 (Archived)afatmouse34/2/2014
The person who invented Nuzlockes is... dead (Archived)OrangeCrush98034/2/2014
I have a freezing issue. (Archived)Demon105043/29/2014
Fun, desperate fight against the sixth gym leader. (Archived)Salocool43/28/2014
Shiny Starter Question (Archived)Azelf3953/28/2014
Pokemon Emerald Difficulty Hack (Archived)coolgamerxyz63/24/2014
game restarts (Archived)rossko181873/23/2014
What should've / would've been included in an "Expanded Hoenn Dex" (Archived)Nostalgia_343/22/2014
Oh cool, look it's a whisme- (Archived)Mikokiri73/19/2014
Anybody else playing this game? (Archived)
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My pokemon roster (competitive) (Archived)MagusJanus33/16/2014
fighting type move (Archived)rossko181823/15/2014
Giveaway: LEGIT Shiny Mew (old sea map event) - I'll be SR for! (Archived)RichieL199163/13/2014
Pokemon Emerald: My Team (Archived)SecretlyBatman73/13/2014
Fake emerald? (Archived)pkivysaur33/4/2014
Are there any risks in using the cloning glitch? (Archived)-BrokenSpiral-63/2/2014
Man I hope Brawly won't be too bad... (Archived)Is_Corrupted83/1/2014
Bootleg cartridge, clock not working. Should I replace the battery? (Archived)Kiwi7PL23/1/2014
What exactly are the consequences of the internal battery running dry? (Archived)Ron_Burgandy_22/28/2014
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