Counter Strike Portable?

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6 years ago#1
Any difference between the main game and portable?
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6 years ago#2
Counter-Strike: Source isn't portable.
6 years ago#3
I typed in "counter strike portable" into Google and got a mess load of torrent links and one message board forum discussing the vague concept with portable media (hard drives, flash, etc.) Could you please clarify what you mean by "portable"?
This doesn't look like an accident...
6 years ago#4
that would be tite if even 1.6 was portable, play cs even on a school computer
6 years ago#5
im doenloading it now to check it out, ill keep yall posted :)
6 years ago#6
It'll be hard to keep us posted when your System32 is gone because you're downloading something that doesn't exist.
6 years ago#7
nope, it works. i cannot find any servers or anything, but i did start my own server and it is working completely. i didnt get the torrent, my was from a iflesharing site, i cant remember the name right now. but it works, all from a usb stick :) i might get in trouble at work b/c of this hehe
6 years ago#8
Youtubed it.

Portable looks terrible and bootlegged. It probably doesn't even have any people playing.
6 years ago#9
lol its cs 1.6 through and through, and no, prolly noone plays it because its a steam game, and i doubt people are pirating cs 1.6 anymore, thats like pirating super mario hehe. none the less, i can play cs 1.6 on my work computer and at school, without having to install anything on anything
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