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"Underground Melodies" (from Mine of Judgment) sounds like "Coldplay - Paradise" (Archived)slk_2324/23 6:59PM
When is the first track in the game, Echoes of Darkness, played? (Archived)slk_2333/13 8:13PM
Difference between Strength and Attack(ATK) stats? + a few other things. (Archived)XDummyX23/3 7:41PM
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Alucard mode in main game (Archived)warrior9999111/16 9:42PM
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I just realized that Hammer might have been based on MC Hammer! (Archived)slk_2328/24 6:31AM
Are there other games with similar weapon systems? (Archived)sam655578/23 4:01PM
My talents. *SPOILERS* (Poll)HeroicSomaCruz87/18/2013
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how do you enter the floor with black smoke? (Archived)lovemehate47/4/2013
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