How do I get to the mine of judgment in Julius Mode?

#1NotRegretPosted 2/6/2008 12:33:38 PM
Im level 36 and beat ever boss except Parania.
The door wont open.
#25ilv3rPosted 2/6/2008 1:06:30 PM
You need to beat all the booses including Paranoia.
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#3capcommanxPosted 2/17/2008 5:55:41 PM
No. Paranoia is the ONLY one that isn't needed. I Check litterally everywhere for it. I found that I missed two bosses, Malhpas and Dmittri. Malphas and Dmitree are easiest to miss because passing them by is absolutly unnecessary in Julius Mode. Fortunately, both are weak AND nearby eachother, AND reasonably close to the tower.
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