So after some 4+ years I started a new, clean play-through

#1Phoenix7786Posted 7/12/2012 12:15:12 PM
And I have to say what unbelievable RNG luck. I know being low makes drops more icky from such pitiful luck, but I'm so over-farmed from just trying to get a SINGLE soul off 90% of the enemies. I'm only 15% into the game (not even at the 2nd boss) and I'm already level 32. The Creature and Treant souls, even with 2-shotting them and equipping what few luck items are available this early, EACH took me over 40 minutes, and yes I did time each of them.

I actually ground over 3 levels off each of them, and now I'm so over-farmed I can practically walk through these areas ass-naked. Being this over-farmed is taking the fun out of the game and giving me horrible shades of SotN. I know that the drops will only get easier as I level up and get better luck and luck-gear, but did I just get some really unbelievable RNG or is this how most everyone's 100% soul runs go?
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That is one of the reasons AoS is better, you don't have to grind to max souls or fuse souls into weapons. I started a new file on DoS and I find the soul grinding takes alot of fun out of the game and slows things down too much.
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#3Phoenix7786(Topic Creator)Posted 7/12/2012 10:12:19 PM
I'd still have to grind if I was playing AoS to get the 100% soul completion though :(

Ugh I started a 2nd file just to test, and even after spending just 45 minutes to get to these ghosts, I've ground from level 15 to 24 :( only putting me about 12 levels behind. Hopefully I'll be able to re-grind those rare souls without getting EXP engorged now that I have the +18 luck.
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#4gorgexpressPosted 7/22/2012 9:24:11 PM
You don't HAVE to grind for souls. Even in a 100% run, you are better off waiting till near the end of the game to start grinding for souls anyway.

Still, I like the AoS system much, much more.
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Then how about no kill run, eh?
You are allowed to kill one Ukoback and one Killer Clown, and have to collect their souls from that one kill.
The "no kill" restriction deprives the player of level grinding, soul drops, equipment drops and weapon enchanting. The only source of items is the shop and the castle itself. Beating the game at least once before is highly recommended!

I completed my no kill run on hard mode in little over 2 hours (in-game, similar in real time), while taking part in local manga&anime convent.
Of course, I also made many 100% runs... :o)