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Alucard mode in main game (Archived)warrior9999111/16/2013
The beginning of track "The Beginning" sounds like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" (Archived)slk_23110/6/2013
Valmanway+Abaddon+Death= (Archived)awesomeuno38/29/2013
I just realized that Hammer might have been based on MC Hammer! (Archived)slk_2328/24/2013
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My talents. *SPOILERS* (Poll)HeroicSomaCruz87/18/2013
Which tune works best as Soma's theme? (Poll)Im_A_potato27/11/2013
DAT Bone Ark Soul... (Archived)Im_A_potato47/5/2013
how do you enter the floor with black smoke? (Archived)lovemehate47/4/2013
Wouldn't it be better if Soma still had all of the souls from the previous game? (Archived)DaemMkIV727/4/2013
Slime is my favorite bullet soul (Archived)Cauchys Inequality27/2/2013
Picked up all 3 castlevania games for DS (Archived)ForceFan67/2/2013
So I just started this game after beating PoR and OoE... (Archived)Im_A_potato46/21/2013
is there a fast way to kill iron golems? (Archived)Andronicus8746/8/2013
I am confused... this game cannot take place in dracs castle..... (Archived)Andronicus8735/24/2013
will getting 9 mothman souls increase my exp 9 times? (Archived)Andronicus8725/16/2013
RTTP question (Archived)GeekyDad55/15/2013
Paranoia wasn't so tough. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz25/12/2013
is there a petition somewhere to beg iga to make the final 1999 gane? (Archived)Andronicus8715/12/2013