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With GBA titles coming to the Wii U, do you think DS games will follow? (Archived)WhyWontHeFall410/18 1:00PM
How do PoR and OoE compare to DoS? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
PatriotAI1210/5 1:59AM
A word of warning....DO NOT enter the bottom of the ICE room in Julius mode! (Archived)isamu610/5 1:56AM
Castle map question (Archived)isamu79/28 1:42AM
So apparently, they ported this game over to mobile devices back in 2009... (Archived)slk_2348/6/2014
Do you think that the column on the right of the map got repetitive? (spoilers) (Archived)slk_2337/29/2014
soma's battle background (Archived)hergman77/29/2014
Boy am I dumb... (Archived)darksinizta4527/24/2014
Soul Collecting. (Archived)Dominus_Agony36/1/2014
Can you run in this game? (Archived)The_Office_pwnz55/24/2014
If anyone's here, I know a cool technique. (Archived)pancakegr855/16/2014
"Underground Melodies" (from Mine of Judgment) sounds like "Coldplay - Paradise" (Archived)slk_2324/23/2014
When is the first track in the game, Echoes of Darkness, played? (Archived)slk_2333/13/2014
Difference between Strength and Attack(ATK) stats? + a few other things. (Archived)XDummyX23/3/2014
Finally....a PAR code that makes seal drawing easier...and soul drops (Archived)warrior9999312/11/2013
Now that this board has officially died, I'm finally ready to say it. (Archived)
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Alucard mode in main game (Archived)warrior9999111/16/2013
The beginning of track "The Beginning" sounds like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" (Archived)slk_23110/6/2013
Valmanway+Abaddon+Death= (Archived)awesomeuno38/29/2013
I just realized that Hammer might have been based on MC Hammer! (Archived)slk_2328/24/2013
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