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6 years ago#1
I enjoyed playing the monk in D&D and am wanting to make one in NWN2 but am wondering if I should go 20 monk then 10 something else (fighter maybe?) or if it is worth it to go SF? if so what cross class should i use to get divine spellcasting? also i will be short one level so is it better to go 19 monk/10 SF or 20 monk/9 SF?
6 years ago#2
A well-built cleric based Sacred fist is a pretty devastating melee class.

also i will be short one level so is it better to go 19 monk/10 SF or 20 monk/9 SF?

You need a divine spellcasting class in there.

What are you looking for this build to do? What other restrictions do you have? How much spellcasting ability are you looking for, if any?
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6 years ago#3
i know i need a spellcasting in there, should have clarified: monk 19/sacred fist 10/ cleric 1. im wondering if cleric is the class to use for my 1 level divine spell caster which it sounds like you think is. do you get domains at 1st level? if so which ones do you recommend picking?

also is it better to:

take the 20 lvl in monk to get perfect self (immunity to all mind-affecting spells and effects, and damage reduction 10/magic) and increased unarmed damage


the 10 lvl SF that gets inner armor (+4 sacred bonus to AC, +4 sacred bonus to all saves, 25 spell resistance for a number of rounds equal to his wisdom modifier) and increased spellcaster level

im mainly looking for a kind of martial artist character with high unarmed damage but i like the idea of having some healing and spell casting. on paper 20 monk/1 cleric/ 9SF looks good to me, im just wondering if theres something im missing. or should i even go SF and just take 30 lvls of monk
6 years ago#4
Cleric tends to be favored as a spellcasting class here. Their spellcasting is based off of wis, which is somewhat desirable for a monk-type so in most cases it's favored over favored soul, and it also progresses earlier which is often an issue. Natural spellcasters may like a splash of monk to get extra AC and skills, but don't tend to make as good of melee combatants as Divine spellcasters.

Notable (melee PvM) Domains:

Darkness: Free Blind fight. You'll want Blind fight on almost any melee character, so this is basically a free feat.

Strength: It gets you Divine Power as a level 3 as well as a level 4 cleric spell. This is an important spell so this can be nice, especially on builds with few cleric levels. Nothing else notable, though.

Luck: Luck of Heroes is easily one of the better basic defensive feats, this acts as a free feat allowing you to free up your level 1 feat for something else. Freedom of movement as a Level 3 spell is okay too but nothing really special.

Time: Haste spell at level 3. If you have another source or can do without that's swell, but it's there. If you go more spellcasting and can persist it, even better. Nothing else really worth nothing, though.

Trickery: Free Feint, can free up some feats. You probably won't want or need this, same with the spells.

War: Free weapon focus, if you have an unarmed-favoring diety this can free up a feat.

Now the question is: how much spellcasting do you want?

I'd tend to favor 19Monk/10SF/1Cleric over 20/9/1 if those are the options. You get access to Level 5 cleric spells, and extendable level 4s (especially important for Divine Power - a staple level 4 spell). Your fist damage will be good but your buffs will be weaker, easily dispelled, and not last very long. It can also be hard to get a really solid AB out of this, as well, since monk and cleric are medium BAB classes and you're a bit MAD and your spellcasting

Monk16/10SF/4Cleric isn't bad either. You lose Empty Body, which hurts your defenses a little, but still keep Adamantine Fist you get a natural BAB back and some extra spells and spell levels to help out with the spells you do have (at least a little) so you're +1 AB straight up and you have some extra spellcasting ability to help your buffs last and your healing ability. Not sure what this does to your fist damage, if anything.

Cleric9/Monk11/SF10 is another good, basic combination. It's the only (practical) way to get the Monk's Greater Flurry in with the full cleric spell list. You lose some monk stuff and fist damage but you're able to both heal and buff extremely well (which can increase overall damage with a good, constant high AB and some divine damage and maybe even persistent haste). Your buffs will still have some dispelability but it can't be avoided and they're really pretty sturdy overall.

Any way you do it you'll probably want to grab "Practiced Spellcaster: Cleric" at some point.

Also: Do you want another class mixed in there? The most basic I can offer here is Shadowdancer will get you Hide in Plain Sight, which can officially make you a sneaker able to deliver damage without worrying about eeking out every AB point you can get at all times. This can work out with Sacred Fist, but even alone with monk it's nice and you can even take it to get you Epic Dodge. If you're going all-out dex and want to get defensive Monk 25/SD5 is a decent, easy class combination if you're not digging Sacred Fist. Just look into Epic Dodge if you do that.
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6 years ago#5
*Notable (melee PvM) Domains:

Also add Earth. Toughness isn't a bad free feat for anyone and stoneskin isn't bad either.
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6 years ago#6
Also: take the 20 lvl in monk to get perfect self (immunity to all mind-affecting spells and effects, and damage reduction 10/magic)

I'm not sure that the monk gets immunity to mind-effecting stuff in NWN2

If you want an easy way to plan out a character or compare characters, this site here is really well done:

Just be aware if you make an account and make what you've come up with "Public" that will also make it open to criticism. . .
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6 years ago#7
go against the grain and use spirit shaman instead >.>
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6 years ago#8
cool thank you very much this gave a lot to consider. I think im now considering the Monk 16/SF10/cleric 4. the loss in defense if offset by better spells imo. is it correct that 10 lvls in sacred fist will allow me to cast as a cleric 8 lvls higher? if so that would give me a lvl 12 cleric casting ability, able to cast 5th lvl spells. that sounds fun haha
6 years ago#9
ha i wanted to do a spirit shaman just for the role playing aspect but the charisma mod being used for spell dc was the deal breaker. thats already the weak point of the monk, needing every stat except for cha already haha,
6 years ago#10
you don't need CHA for buffs... which most melee/caster builds go for... buffs while focusing on melee

Question, how did world trade center building 7 (the -3rd- building to fall) collapse during 9/11?

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