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8 years ago#1
I'm planning on doing 16 levels of Bard and four levels of NW9. I'm 10th level now, and deciding whether or not going prestige is the right thing. I know Bards are better suited going the full 20 in the OC, but those last four levels don't offer anything real appealing. I figure NW9 because I like it more than the RDD.

8 years ago#2
I'm also thinking just taking a few levels of Rogue to get access to the Rogue skillset, pouring points into disable device and open locks and then levelling to 16 bard/ 4 rogue to become a truly well-rounded character. Then leaving Neeshka behind and only bringing Casavir, Elanee and Kelgar everywhere. It's like having a party of 1.5 healers, 1.5 spellcasters, 3 and a third decent fighters, and two-thirds of a rogue!
8 years ago#3
In epic levels in the expansion, Bards get some great stuff in epic levels, but both NW9 and Rogue offer some great perks to Bards. It would've been better to take Rogue levels earlier (specifically, to take the first level as Rogue for eight extra skill points), but there's nothing for it now.
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8 years ago#4
I didn't really think of rogue til just when I was oggling the Level Up screen. I thought, "2 less hp, and 2 more skill points? why not!" Also Neeshka is just real catty, always bickering with the other females so I just tend to leave her behind and smash locked boxes open, and rely on my reflex saves for traps. Everyone loves a spoony bard, one who'll set off traps and dodge them so now one gets hurt. But you don't end up loving a spoony bard for too long. They usually die.
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