War banner???

#1Arri111Posted 3/28/2009 10:52:32 AM
I finished the eyegouger clan quest, but Callum just tells me to go and find the emissary. I found him!
And what's this about the war banner that I got to have with me? I didn't get any war banners.

Anybody plz, help me out here!
#2supersonickillePosted 3/30/2009 9:31:51 PM
Dont Pay too much attention to the War banner. When u Kill all the ogres the war banner is picked up behind the scenes and there is no mention of it at that time. Once u have freed the REAL emissary and get back to callum to report youd have the banner with you.
#3LividDKPosted 4/1/2009 11:24:57 AM
I always thought it was the Orcish Medallion you loot from Logram.